Monday, November 29, 2004

"Italian, Please"

Mr. K, a former colleague of mine, told me the following story.

One day K and some of his friends went to a restaurant and enjoyed a talk over supper. Then they wanted to have more talks, and moved to another shop where drinks and light meals were served.

All of them wished to have a cup of coffee. The kind of coffee many Japanese people like is "American." K's friends ordered American, but he wanted to have something different. He said jokingly to the waiter, "Italian, please." The waiter said, "OK," and went away.

K was rather surprised to know that they served Italian coffee there, and expected espresso or something like that to come.

After a while, the waiter came with a big dish of spaghetti for K. K was quite at a loss how to do with it after eating an enough amount of supper already.

This is a favorite story of mine to tell to my friends when I have coffee with them.

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