Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wedding Invitation from India

Yesterday I received a wedding invitation from India by e-mail. The e-mail message of invitation had an attachment of a PDF file, in which an announcement was written in English and Indian.

This was the second time to get such an invitation from India, so that I was not surprised at all this time. Indians seem to have the habit of sending wedding invitation to all their friends and acquaintances.

The first time I received a wedding invitation from India was on the occasion of the marriage of a brother of a friend of mine, Indra, in April 2001. Indra lives in U.S.A., and the invitation was sent by a relative of his by postal mail from India. I told Indra about my getting the invitation, and he was rather surprised, too.

The invitation I got yesterday was from a young scientist, who now studies at a university in Korea. Formerly he had wanted to study in Japan, found my home page, and written me by e-mail some years ago. Then he and I became friends, and he got some samples of the experiment for his thesis irradiated by gamma rays at my former work place. However, we have never met yet. I sent him an e-mail letter of congratulations together with a photo I took of cherry blossoms just beginning to bloom.